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Lots of sign makers, screen printers, and commercial printers have benefited from our content and products. Here's a few of their stories.


I naturally protect my inbox from junk and clutter, so I am not quick to sign up for anything.

BUT I have found the Ink Sauce emails newsletter to be one of my most anticipated emails to open. I find quick relevant nuggets I can use to grow and market my business. I also like how most are broken down to a few items to quickly take in and remember the take away points. I am grateful for the industry veterans that are contributing to this great community I have found at Ink Sauce!

Chris Fleniken

Real Graphics

Screen Printer


I feel as though I have an outlet and resource that I’ve been needing for YEARS!​

I want to again thank you for setting up this forum. It’s been AMAZING for me just on a personal level to have a place to connect with other folks in the biz…and a great group at that.

Jeff Sherman

Sign Specialists

Sign Maker


As a busy shop owner, I'm constantly looking at ways we can build out, streamline and automate processes

Because he's worked in our industry, Bryant has the first-hand experience and knowledge needed to understand and get to the root of the problem.

Bryant was able to understand our needs and integrate solutions that have resulted in more time and efficiency. This equates into doing more with less and we've see an immediate return on investment.

We've worked with Bryant on several projects and he's delivered every time. It's super refreshing to have someone you can count on to get shit done and to do it right.

My only hesitation in recommending Bryant is that I don't want him to get so busy with other projects, that we can't hire him to do more work for us.

Kyle Robinson

Print My Threads

Screen Printer


Even though our Google reviews weren’t very flattering, I wasn’t so sure about buying the course because we had to subscribe to other services like Delighted and Zapier.

But once I did, everything opened up.

Since we bought the course we’ve had several 5-star reviews and the system is working its magic. Our sign company looks better on Google and we’ve got a really easy way to get important feedback from customers. That feedback has brought up some issues we didn’t know about that we’ve now addressed and fixed.

My favorite part of the course has been learning about Zapier and all the integrations available. I’ve learned how to create some of my own workflows that help our team every day.

I would recommend this to other sign shops and print shops. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard an owner or a member of management say “I would pay real money for positive reviews”. Well… this is a way to farm real reviews.

Stephen Cassity

Instant Signs

Sign Maker


I’m sure this is no surprise to a lot of printers but…I don’t have much spare time.

After processing orders and putting out fires all day, I wasn’t sure how much value I’d get from the community.
I’ve found it very helpful to be able to ask for advice and recommendations when I come across the jobs that are not our daily norm. Now I have a network to rely on for information when I don’t have all the answers.
I really like the direct messaging feature for instant access to a member of the community – it’s very convenient.
The different channels for different topics allow me to just monitor the things I’m most interested. And there’s a very wide variety of members that offer great information on different aspects of the industry.
I would definitely recommend Ink Sauce to others. I think that any sign or printing professional would find the content very worthy.

Tim Grigsby

Simple Solutions

Large Format Printer and Embroiderer