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Automating Your Shop

Use off-the-shelf tools you can create time-saving automations that will free up some of your time. All without a developer.

How can you keep up with every little thing?

That's a trick question. As you grow, it's difficult to keep juggling the old responsibilities and the new ones.

Then things start to go wrong.

  • Jobs start slipping through the cracks. 
  • Customers start getting inconsistent pricing because they talked to two different people. 
  • The leads from the website weren't contacted until two days after they submitted the form
  • You're paying your bookkeeper overtime because she has to manually type invoices from this system into that one.

It seems the only way out is to work more hours, to try and stay on top of it.

Take back your time with automation.

Thought those awesome buzzwords like automation and systems integration were just for large companies? Not anymore. Using off-the-shelf tools you can create time-saving automations that will free up some of your time. You can reduce the manual data entry from one system to the next.

Prevent expensive mistakes with automation.

How many times have you forgotten to invoice a job until 2 months after it was delivered?

How many times was the right information missing from where you needed it to be?

Close more sales with automation.

Can't follow up with leads fast enough? Follow up automatically on past orders, current orders, and future business. Take a load off your brain, and put computers to work for you.

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    What will I learn from Automating Your Shop?

    You'll learn how to save $1000s in development cost by creating your own mini-apps using off the shelf tools.

    1) Crash course on APIs
    Learn just as much as you need to know to achieve results. No need to learn how to code here.

    2) The Best Tools to Automate Your Shop
    Get our experience-tested recommendations on which tools to use

    3) How to create Basic Automations

    • Add new leads to your email marketing software
    • Automated follow up on completed jobs
    • Adding jobs to your shop calendar or project management software

    4) How to create Advanced Automations

    • Push shopping cart orders to your management system
    • Pull order information into ShipStation
    • Automatically texting your customers when they're job is ready for pickup