How Our Secret Sauce Community Works

Welcome to the Secret Sauce Community! Your secret sauce for getting help and connecting with other industry pros. We know you’ve got a quite a few questions so we’ve put together the most common ones in the FAQs below.

Wait a minute – where is this Secret Sauce Community?

We’re not like the other industry forums you’ve visited. We use an app called Slack to power our private invite-only community. Once you’ve got your invite – you can download the desktop app and sign in to join the discussion.

What is Slack?

Slack is a real-time chat app for team communication. You can chat join conversations with everyone in “channels”, talk privately with other members via Direct Messages, share files, upload images, and so much more.

We’ve used Slack for years. And we’ve chosen it to power our community because we know how powerful it is for connecting with others. Slack allows you to quickly get to know others on a much deeper level than any industry forum. It’s a place where folks can come together and learn from each other.

How do I use Slack?

Download the Desktop App

You don’t want to miss anything, so go ahead and download the desktop app here.

Update your Profile

We want to know who you are. Make sure you add your actual name and a photo of yourself. Here’s how to do that.

Introduce Yourself

Head into the #introduce-yourself channel and write a little somethin’ about yourself, your shop, and the type of work you do. Feel free to include any of your favorite signs, prints, or shirts you’ve made—we’d love to see them!

Better conversation with Threads

Use Threads to keep your conversations organized. When replying to someone – hover over the message you want to reply to and click the icon.  Here’s a little more info on how to use Threads effectively.

Use Emoji Reactions

Sometimes it’s better said with an emoji instead of plain text. Emoji reactions are great when you want to congratulate someone 👏 , give them a 👍, or say you agree 💯. Just hover over a message and click the icon. Here’s a few more details on using emoji reactions.

GIFs please

We love an amazing GIF as much as the next person, so use them when appropriate. Just don’t go overboard.

You can add a GIF by typing “/giphy” and searching for a phrase.

Message Others Directly or Mention using @

Ping members of the community privately using Direct Messages or use the @ symbol to Mention a member to draw their attention to a conversation in the channel.

What types of conversations happen here?

We talk about all sorts of things related to the industry – but in this community you can

  • Share your latest masterpiece, business tactic, or ideas to get feedback and advice
  • Connect directly with another member who cares as much about signage, printing, or apparel as you do
  • Ask about marketing your shop—finding new customers, improving your website, and other burning questions
  • Learn how others run their shop and take their best practices home
  • Share your best practices and tips that you’ve learned over the years
  • Talk through difficult issues (employees, pricing, finances) with others who’ve been through it before
  • Connect with members who are working on similar internal projects and hold each other accountable to completing them

What are the rules of the community?

Great question! The ground rules are simple, but strict.

“Helpful” is the normal mode of operation

The entire reason we started this community—be helpful and supportive to other members.

Treat others with respect

Speak to others the way you’d like them to speak to you.

Don’t be a jerk

Life’s too short—so please no spammy threads, no trolling, and no rude or offensive comments.

While we’ll never edit your posts, we may delete them if they violate these guidelines. We also reserve the right to ban any members who repeatedly go against these rules.

I have more questions – what do I do?

Just shoot us an email at—we’ll get you some answers.