By EstiMate

Industries Served

  •    Vinyl and Signage
  •    Decorated Apparel
  •    Digital / Offset Printing
  •    Electrical Signage

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Contact Phone(888) 304-3300
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About EstiMate

We are an innovative team of technology developers, researchers and “Custom Decoration Industry” experts who share a vision. That shared vision is to create and be the world’s enduring business technology of choice for the Custom Decoration Industry.

EstiMate FAQs

Q: How is the software priced?

Monthly Subscription

Q: What is the average time to implement?

1-3 hours

Q: How much does support cost?

Prices range from $39/mo. Quoting feature only/single user to $139/mo. for all features and unlimited users

Q: What is the average startup cost?


Q: What year was the software created?


Q: What technology/language is the software built with/on?


Q: What operating systems does the software run on?

Windows, Mac

EstiMate Features

Hosting TypeClient Server Based
Software as a Service?
Estimating✅ included
Product PricingGrid/Matrix
Area based
Cost Plus
CRM✅ included
CRM FeaturesContact Management
Email integration
Invoicing✅ included
Online Proofing
Job Scheduling/Production Management✅ included
Production Management FeaturesSchedule Job Due Dates
Time Tracking (automated)
Assign Resources (people / machines)
Electronic Job Tickets
Real Time Data Collection
Remote Access
Job Costing
Customer Portal
Online Designer
Purchase Orders✅ included
Inventory - Raw Material
Inventory - Finished Goods
3rd Party Shipping Integrations
Supported API Types
Accounting✅ Included
Accounting FunctionsAccounts Receivable
3rd Party Accounting IntegrationsQuickBooks Desktop
Accepts Online Payments
Payment Providers Supported
Vendor Catalogs
Supported Vendor Integrations
Other Integrations
Training OfferedDocumentation
Support Type(s)Email

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