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  •    Decorated Apparel
  •    Vinyl and Signage
  •    Awards / Engraving

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About FastManager

FastManager is the premier business management software program for all sized shops. With four levels of management capabilities, Basic, Lite, Pro and Premier, there is a package that will suit your needs now and allow your company to grow into each next level. Our user’s favorite features include, but by no means limited to: Art detail screen that remembers the previous art done on a job for easy repeat orders, QuickBooks integration, email functionality, automatic Purchase Order generation, integrated vendor products, and Job Board system that allows you and your team to see the latest status of a job. FastManager is the right amount of off the shelf tools mixed with a great ability to further customize for your shop’s needs. Create easy and effortless Quotes for your customers with pre-setup pricing, convert that Quote to a Work in Progress and manage the purchasing and production through the Job Board System. Once the job is done, ship it out or call your customer for pick up, invoice with a click of a button and then send to QuickBooks for financial reporting. For further information, testimonials, or to book a live demo please visit,

FastManager FAQs

Q: How is the software priced?

We have four levels of the program that are all at the subscription status, which can be either monthly or annually (15% discount).

Q: What is the average time to implement?

Basic- 2-4 one hour sessions, Lite 4-6 one hour sessions, Pro 4-6 one hour sessions and Premier 6-8 one hour sessions.

Q: How much does support cost?

It is included with the monthly subscription.

Q: What is the average startup cost?

Our most Basic Level is $175 to get started. Lite Level is $210 Pro Level is $360 Premier is $1050

Q: What year was the software created?


Q: What technology/language is the software built with/on?

MS Access, SQL Server

Q: What operating systems does the software run on?


FastManager Features

Hosting TypeClient Server Based
Software as a Service?
Estimating✅ included
Product PricingGrid/Matrix
Cost Plus
Area based
CRM✅ included
CRM FeaturesContact Management
Sales Analytics
Invoicing✅ included
Online Proofing
Job Scheduling/Production Management✅ included
Production Management FeaturesJob Board
Schedule Job Due Dates
Schedule Workflow Step/Stage Dates
Assign Resources (people / machines)
Time Tracking (automated)
Real Time Data Collection
Remote Access
Job Costing
Customer Portal
eCommerce✅ (+ addl $)
Online Designer
Purchase Orders✅ included
Inventory - Raw Material✅ (+ addl $)
Inventory - Finished Goods✅ included
Shipping✅ included
3rd Party Shipping IntegrationsUPS
API✅ (+ addl $)
Supported API Types
Accounting✅ Included
Accounting FunctionsAccounts Receivable
3rd Party Accounting IntegrationsQuickBooks Online QuickBooks Desktop
Accepts Online Payments
Payment Providers Supported
Vendor Catalogs✅ included
Supported Vendor IntegrationsAlpha Broder
Other Integrations
Training OfferedWebinars
Support Type(s)Live Chat
User Forum

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