How To Turn Your Shop’s Web Traffic into Sales using Live Chat

Convert more sales from your shop’s website
Hosted by:
Seán Cotter
Head of Marketing @ The Chat Shop
I’m head of marketing at The Chat Shop, the world’s #1 rated live chat expert and multi-award-winning US and UK live chat team. I’m going to teach you how to use live chat to snowball sales in your print shop and drive better ROI from your website.

Should you add live chat to your shop’s website?

You’ve probably seen live chat on other websites you visit and wondered “Should we try this on our site?”

Hey why not? If it’s working for them, maybe it will work for us.

But then all these doubts pop into your head.

  • How would I even have the time to manage live chat?
  • Aren’t people just going to try and chat all day and night?
  • Am I going to have to pay someone to sit at a desk all day and respond?

That’s completely normal. You have to have a healthy dose of skepticism in this industry.

The thing is…live chat really works.

And it’s not just for e-commerce – shops in the sign and print industries are using live chat to drive revenue and increase ROI from their website.

We’ll show you how to can capture more sales from your site on the webinar.

What'll your learn

  • Why live chat matters if you want to remain competitive
  • The handful of ways that you can grow you can grow your shop’s revenue
  • Proven strategies to snowball your sales
  • How to staff live chat
  • How engage visitors in a way that’s not annoying
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid with live chat

Who’s using live chat in your industry?

Sign Makers

Sign companies like Fast Signs use live chat to generate leads from visitors that otherwise might just slip through their fingers. They also use proactive messages that reach out to visitors when they land on important, high-intent pages.

Apparel Decorators

Screen printers like Real Thread use live chat to quickly build relationships with visitors and engage with leads right as they are seeking more information or looking to buy.

The reason why these companies use live chat is because it works.

Visitors that engage with your shop via live chat are worth 4.5 times more than visitors that don’t.

Live chat leads to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 50% increase in conversion rate.

Is this for me?

Your website is your greatest digital asset. It’s your always-on sales rep.

This webinar is for you if you’re looking to get more sales and revenue from your existing website traffic.

This webinar is specifically created for the graphics art industries.

You’ll take away ideas you can use immediately if you are a:

  • Sign maker
  • Screen printer
  • Embroiderer
  • Commercial printer
  • Large format printer
  • Vehicle wrapper